Started “Techtec Social Action (TSA)” to Try Solve Social Challenges and Achieve SDGs

Techtec Co., Ltd., the operator of PoL, an online blockchain learning service and blockchain for education, has redefined corporate policy to promote initiatives to solve social challenges.

In line with this, we started “Techtec Social Action (TSA)” as part of our CSR efforts.

From now on, when we enter into partnerships with companies and projects, and when we raise funds, we will consider whether or not they are addressing social challenges as an important selection criterion.

In making this announcement, the need for initiatives to solve social challenges, symbolized by global warming, is now a well-known fact. From now on, we will further increase our awareness and efforts to solve social challenges, regardless of the type of business.

Specifically, we will work directly and indirectly to resolve the following challenges, as represented by the SDGs, through partnerships with companies and projects that address these challenges. (*Some excerpts)

  • Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, Decarbonization
  • ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance)
  • SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Financial inclusion
  • Elimination of Racial and Gender Discrimination
  • Providing Educational Opportunities

Techtec focused on the cutting-edge technology like blockchain. At first glance, it may seem that there are few things that software and technology companies can do to address social challenges.

However, we believe that we can change society by believing that there is something we can do and taking action. First of all, we will add the possibility of addressing social challenges as a priority to our selection criteria for capital and business partners, and we plan to explain the importance of this to the outside world as well.

Looking for Capital and Business Alliance Partners

With the launch of Techtec Social Action (TSA), we are looking for capital and business partners and projects to work together to solve social challenges.

We would like to be actively involved in initiatives that lead to solving social challenges, even indirectly, in addition to the above themes.

We will not hesitate to work on projects that have nothing to do with blockchain. Please feel free to contact me.

Contact email address: info[at]