Japanese Learning Service PoL Releases Curriculum to Learn About Ripple and XRP

Techtec Co., Ltd., the operator of PoL, an online blockchain learning service and blockchain for education, has released a curriculum for learning about Ripple and XRP under the supervision of Ripple, the long-time market leader in the crypto and blockchain space.

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About Ripple

Ripple is a leading company in the crypto space founded in San Francisco in 2012. RippleNet, a blockchain-based international money transfer network, is designed to dramatically improve the customer experience for international money transfers to financial institutions around the world.

Utilizing the XRP as a bridge currency for international money transfers, not only does it enable real-time payments, but it also achieves significant cost savings.



Background of curriculum publishing

PoL by Techtec, allows users to learn about crypto projects around the world as usecase of how blockchain is being used in various industries.

In our recent blog about content partner expansion, we announced our plan to prioritize curriculum creation, starting with projects that have already been whitelisted crypto-assets.

In line with this, under Ripple’s supervision, we have created a curriculum to teach you about Ripple and XRP, the next generation of global payment systems.

Ripple and XRP curricula are released

We published Ripple and XRP curricula in PoL for this collaboration.

You can learn about Ripple as a global payment system using the blockchain, XRP to provide on-demand liquidity, the challenges in the international money transfer market and the payment systems of the future.

Blockchain projects listed on PoL

Techtec has established partnerships with famous blockchain projects around the world. And we have been a leader in the Japanese crypto and blockchain space.

  1. since 2018 with Primas – China
  2. since 2019 with MakerDAO – Denmark
  3. since 2019 with Kyber Network – Singapore
  4. since 2020 with SKALE – United States
  5. since 2020 with Brave – United States
  6. since 2020 with Bitcoin.com – Saint Christopher and Nevis
  7. since 2020 with Aave – United Kingdom

We will continue to work with our content partners to develop an ecosystem to learn about the blockchain project.

About Techtec Co., Ltd.

Techtec team is operating the most used blockchain online learning service in Japan called PoL. We also provide PR and translation support for projects around the world to expand into Japanese industry.

Techtec corporate page is here

I believe you are interested in the Japanese market

Techtec team has a reliable presence and track record in the blockchain space in Japan. We have partnered with projects such as MakerDAO, Kyber Network, Brave, SKALE and Aave.

If you are interested in the Japanese blockchain space, please feel free to contact me.

Let’s have a call at least once. Our CEO Tomo, will be there to help. He’s always available via email, Twitter and Linkedin.  Email: info[at]techtec.co.jp

About PoL

PoL is the most used crypto and blockchain learning service in Japan. Users can learn about crypto, blockchain and blockchain projects around the world online. Many of the projects that are well known in Japan have gained prominence after being published in PoL.

You can get more information about PoL here.