JP Blockchain Space Going To Grow!! Techtec Started Collaboration With Japanese Big Corporation.

Techtec Co., Ltd. announced the start of collaboration with the Japanese big corporation JTB Benefit.

With this partnership, Techtec will provide Crypto and Blockchain learning and training content through “PoL Enterprise” to all JTB Benefit members (4.7 million people in 2,150 companies and organizations).

Online learning environment urgently needed due to COVID-19

With the recent spread of COVID-19, it’s time for a major update in the work and education environment. Techtec has made our service PoL available free of charge since February this year.

In Japan, compulsory education is moving online. There is no doubt that there will be more people interested in advanced technologies such as Blockchain in the future. Along with these landscape, the learning styles at home and within the company are naturally beginning to change.

What are you going to do about it?

Through this collaboration with JTB Benefit, we will provide learning content about Crypto and Blockchain.

The content is already available to approximately 2,150 companies and organizations and 4.7 million people. PoL Enterprise is the first blockchain-related service to do so.

About PoL Enterprise

In Japan, the past few months have seen a lot of blockchain demonstration experiment and new business launches.

PoL Enterprise helps companies set up their blockchain businesses.

Aren’t you interested in the Japanese market?

Techtec team have a reliable presence and track record in the blockchain space in Japan. We have partnered with projects such as MakerDAO, Kyber Network and SKALE.

If you are interested in the Japanese blockchain space, please feel free to contact me.



About Techtec Co., Ltd.

Techtec team are operating the most used Blockchain online learning service in Japan named PoL. We also provide PR and translation support for projects around the world to expand into Japanese industry.

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