Announced collaboration with Ethereum Layer2 solution “SKALE”

techtec Press Release

Techtec Co., Ltd. announced the start of collaboration with the Ethereum Layer2 solution “SKALE”. “Stores assets as you learn” Techtec operate the most used Blockchain online learning service in Japan named PoL.


The SKALE Network is a second layer solution that connects with the Ethereum network. Built to support thousands of independent blockchains, sidechains, storage chains, and other types of subchains that all tied to the Ethereum mainnet. And fully compatible with the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

Developers can easily build a high-performance sidechain called “SKALE Elastic Sidechains”, and provide high-level UX to Ethereum community.

Background of collaboration

The SKALE Network Capitalized with $17.1 Million for Mainnet Launch. They have investors such as ConsenSys Labs, Hashed, Multicoin Capital, Winklevoss Capital, and Recruit Holdings (RSP Blockchain Tech Fund Pte. Ltd.).

Techtec will fully support SKALE’s future expansion into Japanese market. They have a policy of working seriously in Japan.

Held an event in Japan

With this announcement, SKALE CEO Jack will come to Japan to hold a meetup. The meetup will be hosted by ConsenSys and gumi Cryptos.

  • Event name: ConsenSys meet up presented by gumi Cryptos: Decentralized finance (DeFi) and scalability solution in Ethereum
  • The date and time: Thursday, February 20, 2020 from 19:00
  • Venue: gumi Co., Ltd.
  • Theme: DeFi and Layer2 solutions
  • Click here for event page

About Techtec Co., Ltd.

Techtec operate the most used Blockchain online learning service in Japan named PoL. We also provide PR and translation support for projects around the world to expand into Japanese industry.