“Stores assets as you learn” released PoL Token

PoL Token

Today we released “PoL token”.
The PoL token is the first step toward realizing the “Proof of Learning” algorithm, which is the origin of the PoL name.

I am happy to finally release PoL Token, and at the same time, I have a strong sense of responsibility due to the enactment of the new regulation the other day.

How to get PoL Token

Users can get PoL Token as you learn the PoL curriculum.

We call this mechanism “Proof of Learning” and define it as “proof of knowledge by learning amount”.

The more you learn, the more PoL Token you can get, so the more people you have PoL Tokens, the more learning you can define.

In the future, this logic will be reflected in various initiatives.

The getting of PoL Token is applicable to all PoL curricula, and the amount got depends on the difficulty of the curriculum and the score of the test.
*PoL Token cannot be obtained for some paid curricula at this time. However, will be eligible for PoL Token in the future.

The amount of PoL Token that can be got for each curriculum varies, and also varies depending on the learning status of all users in the PoL.

What users can do with PoL Token

PoL Token are limited to the range of use within PoL.

Users can get PoL Token by learning the PoL curriculum, and can use the got PoL Token in the PoL paid curriculum.
*In the closed beta phase, it cannot be used for paid curriculum. However, it will definitely be usable in the future.

In the future, we will expand both the getting channels and usage of PoL Token.