We have started collaboration with Huobi Japan, Japanese crypto exchange


Techtec Co., Ltd. announced the start of collaboration with “Huobi Japan”, Japanese crypto exchange. “Stores assets as you learn”, Techtec operate the most used blockchain online learning service in Japan called PoL.

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About Huobi Japan

Huobi Global is a safe and reliable company with millions of users in more than 130 countries worldwide. Huobi Japan, the Japan office of the Huobi Group, a provider of digital asset trading and asset management services.

As a admitted by FSA(Japanese Financial Services Agency) crypto-asset exchanger, Huobi Japan handles 16 different token. In addition, Huobi Japan also operates a mining pool and contribute to the development of the blockchain industry in a wide range of ways.

Background of collaboration

PoL by Techtec, allows users to learn about crypto projects around the world as usecase of how blockchain is being used in various industries. In our recently blog about content partner expansion, we announced our plan to prioritize curriculum creation.

Since its establishment in 2013, Huobi is far ahead of its competitors in establishing a global network of licenses. It has over 1,300 employees and established subsidiary companies and partnership companies in 12 countries, including the U.S., Japan, Thailand, Gibraltar, etc. The Huobi team is dedicated to providing safe, professional, trustworthy, and world class services to its global clients across 130+ countries.

In this context, Huobi Japan is also considering the governance token, which are becoming more mainstream overseas. By working with Huobi Japan to create a curriculum at PoL, we were able to collaborate to further develop the Japanese ecosystem.

Content of collaboration

In this collaboration, we will work with the Huobi Japan to create curricula to learn about “Exchange Token”, which is one of the few practical examples in Japan will be able to learn about the PoL.

Exchange Token is also serve as an incentive for using the exchange and governance token. Governance token is a topic that has received a great deal of attention in the growing DeFi market in recent years, as many leading projects are working on them.

We can create a curriculum like this

PoL owns the curriculum shown in the following image with text and illustrations. Users can measure their understanding by administering a simple test after learning.

By publishing a curriculum to learn about your project in PoL, you will be able to attract quality users.

I think you are interested in the Japanese market

Techtec team have a reliable presence and track record in the blockchain space in Japan. We have partnered with projects such as MakerDAO, Kyber Network and SKALE.

Many of the projects that are well known in Japan have gained prominence after being published in PoL. So far, we have collaborated with the following projects.

  • since 2018 with Primas – China
  • since 2019 with MakerDAO – Denmark
  • since 2019 with Kyber Network – Singapore
  • since 2020 with SKALE – United States
  • since 2020 with Brave – United States
  • since 2020 with Bitcoin.com – St. Kitts and Nevis
  • since 2020 with Huobi Japan – NEW
Actual Initiatives with PoL

If you are interested in the Japanese blockchain space, please feel free to contact me.

Let’s have a call at least once. Our CEO Tomo, will be there to help. He’s always available via email, Twitter and Linkedin.  Email: info[at]techtec.co.jp

About PoL

PoL is the most used crypto and blockchain learning service in Japan. Users can learn about crypto, blockchain and blockchain projects around the world online. Many of the projects that are well known in Japan have gained prominence after being published in PoL.

You can get more information about PoL here.



About Techtec Co., Ltd.

Techtec team are operating the most used Blockchain online learning service in Japan called PoL. We also provide PR and translation support for projects around the world to expand into Japanese industry.

More information can be found on the visual slides here.

Let’s have a call at least once. Our CEO Tomo, will be there to help. He’s always available via email, Twitter and Linkedin.  Email: info[at]techtec.co.jp