Techtec, the Operator of Crypto Learning Service PoL, Receive the Grants from DeFi Project Celo

Techtec Inc. announced that they have received the first grant in Japan from Celo, the most promising financial inclusion project.

In line with this, they will create a curriculum to learn about Celo on PoL, an online learning service.

About Techtec Co., Ltd.

Techtec is operating the most used crypto online learning service in Japan called PoL. They also provide PR and translation support for projects around the world to expand into Japanese market.

Techtec corporate page is here

About PoL

PoL is the most used crypto and blockchain learning service in Japan. Users can learn about crypto, blockchain and blockchain projects around the world online. Many of the projects that are well known in Japan have gained prominence after being published in PoL.

The feature of PoL is that it is the only place to learn about crypto and blockchain, from beginners to advanced users. The course consists of “Crypto Basic”, “Blockchain Basic”, and “Blockchain Advanced”. PoL has been running for 3 years and has achieved over 10,000 users, 80%+ retention rate, 95%+ token acquisition rate, and 92%+ awareness rate.

You can get more information about PoL here.

Comment by Techtec CEO Tomohiro Tagami

The world that Celo aims to create is the essence of DeFi and Web3 itself. Throughout this collaboration, I have felt the enthusiasm of the Celo team for DeFi and Web3. We’re honored to be working with them to make the industry a better place.

With the grant from Celo, we hope to join their inner-circle and bring the knowledge we gain back to the DeFi/Web3 industry in Japan. I will also do my best to contribute to the realization of financial inclusion from Japan as a concrete first step of Techtec Social Action.

About Celo

Celo is a project that aims to achieve financial inclusion with the mission “To Build a Financial System That Creates the Conditions for Prosperity-for Everyone”.

It was launched by the Celo Foundation, which is leading the growth and development of the open-source platform, Celo. Currently, the project is mainly involved in the development of the stablecoin “Celo Dollar” and “Celo Euro”.

Celo features strong supporters and the Celo Alliance. In addition to prominent funds such as a16z, Polychain Capital, Coinbase, and Dragonfly Capital, Celo’s supporters include LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and professional soccer player Keisuke Honda.

Since Celo is a decentralized open-source project, it is governed by the Celo Alliance. The Alliance is made up of more than 100 companies and organizations, including Klaytn, the operator of KakaoTalk, Gitcoin, the funding platform for OSS, a16z, Coinbase,, the leading custodian of crypto assets, and Anchorage, the first crypto asset bank in the US. Anchorage.

Learn About Celo in Japanese

At PoL, they plan to release a curriculum that will allow students to learn about the financial inclusion initiatives that Celo will enable. Specifically, about the stablecoin Celo Dollar and Celo Euro, and Valora, which allows users to transfer crypto assets with their phone numbers. They will also be able to understand the initiatives of the Celo Alliance.

Japan has its own unique culture and language. As an island nation, it is difficult to obtain information from overseas. This means that it is difficult for foreign projects to gain recognition in Japan.

By publishing the curriculum in PoL, which is highly known in Japan, the project will be able to increase its visibility.